Extracting PST, MSG, and ZIP files

In this article, we will cover:

  • What happens when you extract files in RapidReview?
  • How do I extract my files? 


What happens when you extract files in RapidReview?

When large files are extracted in RapidReview, the system deduplicates the file so that no two of the same email (with the same message ID) will appear in your list of extracted files. For example, if your IT department is tasked with putting together a PST or MSG of all emails that contain a certain word from your entire organization, there may be more than one of the same email in the file because multiple people were emailing back and forth with each other. So, when the PST file gets de-duplicated, it means that any duplicates of emails with the same message ID will be removed automatically. 

When you extract an MSG or ZIP file, the tool creates one folder and puts all extracted files in that folder. The folder name will be the same as the file name. The original file automatically moves to the originals stage and to the top of the list of documents request. It will not be in the folder that was newly created.

For PST files, the tool does the same thing except subfolders are created for each email file that exists within the main pst folder that’s created. The names of those subfolders are the names of the subject lines of each email. Any attachments on the email threads will also be included in those subfolders.



How do I extract my file in RapidReview?

Steps for extracting files in RapidReview:

  1. Find the file(s) you want to extract in the list of documents/files.
  2. Select which file(s) you’d like to extract by checking the box next to the document name. The check box appears to the left of the document’s name when you hover over its document card.
    • If you only have one file to extract, there’s no need to check a box. You can take the actions directly on the document card.
    • If you have multiple files to extract at once, check the boxes and then click the extract icon () in the tool bar above the list of documents. 

NOTE: If the document is not extractable, you will not be see the option to extract it

  1. Click the ellipsis icon () to open the menu of actions.
  2. Click “Extract.”


You will see a message appear letting you know that your file is being extracted and once it’s finished extracting, you will see a green message appear that says “Processing complete!”

NOTE: Once you extract a file, the original PST/ZIP file will be moved to the Originals section (far right side of the screen). If you ever need to access a document in its original form, you can find it there.


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