Task 5: Upload a document to the request

You can upload documents and release them to a requester, all within NextRequest. The requester can log into the system and download the files or view them within NextRequest.


Steps to upload a document:

  1. Click the Paperclip icon () in the icon bar at the top of the request
  2. Click the ‘Upload Files’ button
  3. In the menu that appears, you can either click the box to browse for files OR drag and drop your file(s) into the box.  
  4. If you choose to browse your computer for files, select the file(s) you would like to upload
  5. (Optional) Enter the name of a new or existing folder that you would like the documents to be stored in
  6. (Optional) Add a Description and Document Date:
    • Description: a description of the document. Include any keywords that will help when searching for the document.
    • Document Date: the date that the document was created/last updated
  7. DO NOT change the visibility status of the document from Staff Only. You’ll be releasing the document(s) later
  8. Click the ‘Save’ button
  9. Go to the ‘Documents’ section on the left hand side in the middle. You’ll see the document(s) in the ‘Staff Only’ section. Currently they are only visible to members of your department, not the requester or the public



Click here to learn how to release your document in Task 6. 


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